Records Request Information

Please see CASE SEARCH INFORMATION if you need to find out if we have a case. RECORDS REQUESTS are for specific documents in a known case.

District Court records include Civil (including disputes over $50,000), Probate, Felony Criminal (already bound over from Circuit Court) and always confidential Juvenile and Adoption cases.

The Clerk of District Court case index, journals and docket sheets date back to 1923. A case management system has been used since 2000 for records of actions. We started scanning records into the system in May of 2014.

Please note that copies of records made incur copy fees.

Requesting records:

  • You may call or email our office to inquire about public records.
  • The most efficient way to inquire about records is to send us an email with the case number and nature of the request.
  • We will reply with options for receiving the records, applicable fees due and payment options.

Records we send by mail:

  • If the records you are requesting have not yet been scanned, include more than 5 scans, or include scans that are too large to email, then the records must be sent by mail.
  • Records that are required to be certified or exemplified copies must be mailed.
  • If the records are restricted from public access, they are available only to parties with access to the records and by mail or pickup. 
  • Documents will be mailed upon receipt of payment.
  • Copy fees are $1.00/1st page, $.50 for additional pages, $.50 per certification, $5.00 per exemplification, and any required postage.

Records available by email:

  1. Docket sheets reflecting the record of actions in a public case may be emailed upon request for no charge*. This is available for cases initiated after 2000 that are in our electronic case management system.
  2. We can send certain case pleadings by email at no charge* if they are already scanned, are public records, and are not too large for email. Requests for more than 5 scans require printing and mailing and incur related fees.

          *Fees are subject to change.

Via Fax: 

  • We can fax records for $1.00 per page fax fee.

Records forwarded to WY State Archives (Archives):

  • Records more than 12 yrs. old may have been sent to Archives.
  • We have many older records still in our office for various reasons.
  • We maintain a Record of Actions (docket sheet) list and a Journal of Dispositional Orders for all records even if the physical file is at Archives.
  • Please call or email our office to confirm location of the physical file and we will provide Archives information as needed. 
  • In addition to some prior cases, we currently have all of the following full physical files listed below:
  •      Civil Case Numbers starting with           CV 12800   initiated     8/1/2003    or later 
  •      Criminal Case Numbers starting with     CR 2102    initiated    11/7/2006    or later
  •      Probate Case Numbers starting with      PR 2100    initiated    10/22/2001  or later