440 W. Kelly Avenue

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6/11/2020 UPDATE: Council will consider the ground lease for this development during their June 15, 2020 regular meeting. The staff report can be found here

Public Comment Received, February 2019 to October 7, 2019. 

1/29/2020 UPDATE: The Council directed staff to draft a Ground Lease to develop up to 16 units on the site. 

1/14/2020 UPDATE: The Council scheduled a special workshop to consider this item on January 28 at 3:00PM at Town Hall. The staff report for this meeting can be found here

12/2/19 UPDATE: The Board and Council directed the Housing Authority to deed the title of the property to the Town of Jackson. Once this is complete, the Town Council will decide how the property is developed. 

10/7/2019 UPDATE: The Board and Council discussed options for future development at the West Kelly Avenue site, but did not make a decision. 

9/30/2019: The Board and Council will consider the West Kelly development at the October 7 JIM. 

9/9/2019 UPDATE: The Board and Council discussed options for future development at the West Kelly Avenue site, but did not make a decision. No future meeting date has been set. 

9/5/2019 UPDATE: The Board and Council will consider the next steps for this project at a Joint Information Meeting on September 9, 2019. This meeting will be held in the County Administration Building at 2pm. The staff report for this meeting can be found here

8/19/2019 UPDATE: The Town Council met to discuss the project and considered several options for how to move forward. No action was taken. The staff report for this meeting can be found here

7/30/2019 UPDATE: The Board met to reconsider its "no" vote on the 16-unit option presented. After a brief discussion, Commissioners Epstein and Barron indicated support for the 12-unit option, Commissioners Macker and Newcomb indicated support for the 16-unit option, and Commissioner Propst remained opposed. Commissioner Newcomb withdrew his motion for 16 units and the meeting ended. 

7/23/19 UPDATE: The Town Council voted in favor of the 16-unit option (Muldoon, Levinson, Jorgensen in favor; Stanford and Schechter opposed). The Board voted against the 16-unit option (Barron, Propst, and Epstein against; Newcomb and Macker in favor). 

7/20/2019 UPDATE: The elected officials will consider a design option at their July 23, 2019 special Joint Information Meeting, 1:30pm at the County Administration Building. This is the second item on the agenda. The staff report for this meeting can be found here.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT: In January, the Town and County purchased two lots at 440 West Kelly Avenue for the purpose of building permanently deed restricted community workforce housing. This neighborhood, located directly north of the Fairgrounds and south of the Cowboy Village Resort, was rezoned in 2018 for the purpose of providing denser, multifamily housing for our community workforce.  This opportunity represents the first redevelopment project in the neighborhood.

In February, the Town Council and County Commissioners directed the Housing Department to release a Request for Proposals to develop the site and to require respondents to provide development plans for at least 15 units. In April, three responses were submitted - each response providing at least 15 ownership units for the workforce. The Housing Supply Board reviewed the responses, interviewed respondents, and recommended that the Town Council and County Commission award the project to the Roller Development, Tack Development, and Shaw Construction team. Their proposal provides 16, permanently deed restricted homes for our local workforce. 

In June, the Town Council and County Commissioners selected the Roller/Tack/Shaw team to build housing at the site. Responding to feedback from landowners close to the proposed project, the elected officials asked the developer to bring back two options for consideration: one option with 16 units and one smaller option with 12 units. All of the units must be an ownership product and permanently deed restricted for the workforce.  

On June 12th from 6 to 8 PM at 320 S. King Street, the developer presented two revised designs during an open house for the project. 


This RFP is now closed and the responses received are provided, below. 

Response 1: Love Schack Architecture & Onion Flats

Response 2: Design Associates & United Development Solutions LLC 

Response 3: J. Roller Developement, Tack Development, Studio Tack, JKRP Architects 

Timeline for Review & Award:

April 9: Housing Supply Board meeting to review projects. 4pm at 320 S. King Street. Open to the public. 

April 22: Housing Supply Board interviews finalists at Town Hall.  All interviews will be recorded and open to the public. 2:00pm - Design Associates/United Development Solutions LLC. 3:30pm - Roller/Tack. A recording of the interviews can be watched here.

April 26: Special Housing Supply Board meeting to discuss the final responses and make a recommendation to the Housing Director. 3pm at Town Hall. The meeting will be video recorded for those who cannot attend. The video recording will be posted here. 

May 6: Town Council and Board of County Commissioners will award the project at the Joint Information Meeting. 1:30pm at Town Hall. This item is last on the agenda. 

Please find the Request for Proposals to develop deed restricted housing at 440 West Kelly Avenue, below. All responses are due by 4:00 PM on April 5th. An information session will be held on February 19th at 1:00 PM at 320 S. King Street. Questions will be accepted until March 22, 2019 and answers will be posted on a rolling basis on this website. 

Complete Request for Proposals for 440 W. Kelly Ave

Project Criteria Worksheet - excel version 

Staff Report for 440 W. Kelly Avenue Development

Questions & Answers

Can the 10’ ROW along the south property line be used for vehicular access? 

Right now, the 10’ ROW may not be used for vehicular access. Respondents should assume access from Kelly Avenue only.

What are the terms of the ground lease? 

The Housing Authority will provide a long-term (either 50 year or 99 year) ground lease at a rate of $1 per year.

Does it matter if the developer is local or from out of town? 

No, we do not care if the developer is local or from out of town. The last RFP was awarded to an out of town developer. Ultimately, we are looking for the best project.

Would the Housing Authority consider financing the project? 


Who sets the pricing for the workforce units? 

The developer sets the initial sales price. Appreciation is then based on CPI capped at 3%. 

For how much do Workforce Ownership units sell? What is the demand for this type unit? 

Workforce Ownership units are a new product for the Housing Department. The pricing goal is to set the sales price at an amount that is affordable to households earning more than 120% of median family income. There is no cap on the sales price for these units; it’s simply what the market will bear. Households who purchase these homes are required to provide a down payment of 3.5%. 

What kind of drawings are you looking for at time of submission? 

The RFP states that detailed architectural plans are not required at proposal submission. Respondents are required to outline the design approach and provide site plans that: show square footage, broken down by use/type; building height and use broken down by floor; and proposed architect.

Are accessible units required as part of this project? 

According to building code, one unit must be fully accessible (Type A) and the remaining units must meet the type B requirements. 

Will the Town, County, and/or Housing Authority consider providing additional funding for this project? 

Additional funding could be available, based on the affordability and quality of units proposed. However, responses that provide livable units at an appropriate price point and do not require additional public funds are preferred.

It is unclear whether the developer or Housing Authority will be taking on the soft costs of this work. We need to know if these need to be included in the pro forma or if the Housing Authority will make this (relatively minimal) investment.

The developer is expected to take on the soft costs of the project. Having said that, there is nothing prohibiting a developer from asking the Housing Authority to provide additional funding for the project (see question, above).

Since the land is and will continue to be owned by the Housing Authority, would the developer be able to borrow against it? Can it be used as equity? We assume not, but if there is any way, it would be helpful in securing financing.

A developer should easily be able to secure financing with a long-term ground lease in place – either 50 or 100 years at $1/year.