Exterior Lighting Violations

The purpose of theOutside light attached to a building exterior lighting section of the Land Development Regulations is to allow necessary and reasonable lighting of property for the safety, security, and convenience of occupants and the general public, while eliminating or reducing the nuisance and hazards of light pollution, including, but not limited to: glare, light trespass, sky glow, energy waste, and negative impacts on the nocturnal environment. . 


Any outdoor light source whose initial output exceeds 600 lumens shall be fully shielded. Any structural part of the fixture providing full shielding shall be attached. Fixtures shall be mounted such that no light is emitted above the horizontal plane of the fixture. Light fixtures that project light above the horizontal plane of the fixture may be used where the architecture of the building restricts light above the horizontal plane.

In short, this means that the fixture should be shielded so you cannot see the light bulb unless standing directly under it and the fixture should be pointed straight down. The fixture should be shielded with a frosted glass or an opaque surface so you cannot see the light bulb. Use the link below to the Exterior Lighting standards to see examples of shielded versus unshielded fixtures. 

The maximum amount of lumens of exterior lighting permitted on a property is based on the amount of site development. These limits are upper limits and not a design goal; the design goal should be the lowest levels of lighting possible. 

All lighting fixtures shall limit horizontal light levels such that no light falls onto the adjacent property as shown in the diagram below. Light Trespass diagram

Flickering or flashing lights are prohibited. 

In addition, string lights are only permitted between November 15th and January 10th. 

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