RFQ for Regional Housing Needs Assessment & Housing Nexus Study


Employee Generation by Land Use Study & Regional Housing Needs Assessment - Request for Qualifications 

4/28/2021 UPDATE: The Board of County Commissioners and Town Council will consider awarding the contract for consulting services to complete the two studies during the May 3, 2021 Joint Information Meeting. You can find the staff report for this meeting online

4/5/2021 UPDATE: The stakeholder group scored and discussed responses and invited two groups to interview. These interviews will be held the week of April 12th with a final recommendation presented to the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners at the May 3 Joint Information Meeting. 

4/2/2021 UPDATE: Three responses were received and are provided below. A technical stakeholder group will review the responses, discuss, and ultimately recommend a respondent team to staff. 

Members of the technical stakeholder group include: 

  • Laura Bonich, Housing Supply Board
  • Tyler Davis, JH Working 
  • Matt Faupel, Local Realtor  
  • Elizabeth Hutchings, Shelter JH
  • Steven Johnson, Lincoln County Planning Director
  • Anna Olson, JH Chamber of Commerce
  • Hallie Poirer, Teton County, ID Housing Authority  
  • Greg Rafert, Local Economist  
  • Brooke Sausser, JH Conservation Alliance
  • Anne Schuler, Town Planning Commission
  • Devon Viehman, County Planning Commission

Responses Submitted:

The Town of Jackson and Teton County seek a qualified team to conduct 

  1. An Employee Generation by Land Use Study, and 
  2. A Regional Housing Needs Assessment. 

The Town and County are committed to increasing the supply of stable, affordable housing for the local workforce to meet community goals related to Quality of Life, Ecosystem Stewardship, and Growth Management (see: Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan).

The Town and County released a similar Request in 2020, but due to the dynamic challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, chose to abandon the project. This new Request represents an expanded scope that includes a Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

RFQ: Employee Generation by Land Use Study & Regional Housing Needs Assessment