Environmental Health

Environmental Health staff provides public health protection and education through a variety of programs.  In addition to routine inspections of food establishments, recreational water facilities, childcare facilities, and body art establishments, Environmental Health is focused on the educating the community by providing classes and educational materials.  Classes provided by the Division include pool operating training, food safety manager training (in English and Spanish), and food handler training (also in English and Spanish).   Environmental Health also acts as a resource for drinking water quality, indoor air, childhood lead poisoning, radon & other general environmental health hazards.

Programs – 

•    Body Art Inspection

•    Food Service Inspection

•    Pool/Spa Inspection

•    Childcare Establishment Inspections 

•    Water Testing 

•    Radon

•    Air Quality – Indoor Mold, Smoke

•    Pool/Spa/Food Classes and Community Education

•    Plan Reviews