Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Don Baker, Term: 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2020
  • Lindsey Ehinger, Term: 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2020
  • Rachel Daluge, Term 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2021
  • Wes Gardner, Secretary - Term: 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2021
  • Tanya Anderson, Term: 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2021
  • Rani Carr, Vice-Char - Term: 1/1/2020 - 12/31/2022
  • Nikki Kaufman, Term: 1/1/2020 - 12/31/2022
  • Paul Cherry, Term: 1/1/2020 - 12/31/2022

ISWR Advisory Board meetings take place on the first Thursday of the month, 3-5pm, unless otherwise posted. 

Please click below to view board meeting documents

December 2020 (December Agenda, December Staff Report, Dashboard, ISWR Art Residency Contract. PBRO Data, December ZOOM Information

October 2020 (October Agenda, Dashboard, October ZOOM Meeting Information)

September 2020 (September Staff Report, Dashboard)

August 2020 (August Agenda, Dashboard, ISWR tonnage summary FY01-FY20, August ZOOM Meeting Information, August Meeting Minutes)

July 2020 (July Staff Report, Dashboard)

June 2020 (June Agenda, Dashboard, June ZOOM Meeting Information)

May 2020 (May Staff Report, Dashboard)

April 2020 (April Agenda, ZOOM Meeting Information, Dashboard, ISWR Tip Fee Resolution FY21, Tip Fee Comparison Chart, March/April Staff Report, April Meeting Minutes)

March 2020 - March Staff Report Postponed. Please see April 2020 Staff Report

February 2020 (February Agenda, February Calendar, ISWR Fund 30 Expenses FY21 , ISWR Fund 30 Revenues FY21, ISWR Fee Resolution FY21  Strategies on the R2ZW, Piloting Food Waste Collection Report, Bear Proof Trash Cans in Teton County, February Meeting Minutes)

January 2020 (January Staff Report, January Calendar, Dashboard, ISWR FY19 Audited Financials )

December 2019 (December Agenda, December Calendar, Dashboard, December Minutes)

November 2019 (November Staff Report, November Calendar, Dashboard, ISWR 2021 Master CIP Workbook)

October 2019 (October Agenda, October Calendar, Dashboard, October Minutes)

September 2019 (September Staff Report, September Calendar, Dashboard)

August 2019 (August Agenda, August Calendar, Dashboard, ISWR tonnage summary FY19, August Minutes)

July 2019 (July Staff Report, July Calendar, Food Waste Collection Investigation Report and Implementation Toolkit, Dashboard, Recycling Map )

June 2019 (June Agenda, June Calendar, Dashboard, June Minutes)

May 2019 (May Staff Report, May Calendar, Dashboard, Contractor Update)

April 2019 (April Calendar) Board meeting cancelled

March 2019 (March Agenda, March Calendar, March Staff Report, Joe’s Dashboard, March Minutes)

February 2019 (February Agenda, February Calendar, Joe’s Dashboard, FY20 Tip Fee Estimate, FY20 Fund 30 Proposed Budget, FY20 Department Budget Narrative, February Minutes)

January 2019 (January Staff Report, January Calendar, Joe’s Dashboard)

December 2018 (December Agenda, December Calendar, Joe’s Dashboard,Jim Wolf’s ISWR Audited County 2010-2018, 2011-2018 Tonnages Summary, December Minutes)

November 2018 (November Staff Report, November Calendar, Joe’s Dashboard, ISWR Capital Improvement Plan 2020, October Minutes)

October 2018 (October Agenda, October Calendar, Joe’s Dashboard, September Minutes)

September 2018 (September Agenda, September Calendar, Joe’s Dashboard, August Minutes)

August 2018 (July Minutes, Agenda, Calendar, Stats )

July 2018 (June Minutes, Calendar, Agenda, Tonnage-Environ Summary, Staff Report)

June 2018 (Calendar, Agenda, Stats, Graphs)

May 2018 ( Staff Report, Calendar, FY18 Stats, Graphs) Board meeting cancelled

April 2018 (Calendar, Agenda, March Minutes, FY18 Stats, Graphs)

March 2018 (February Minutes, FY-18 Stats, Staff Report, March Agenda, Calendar, March Graphs)

February 2018 (January Minutes, Fund 30-FY19 Expenses, Fund 30- FY19 Revenue, Fund 34- FY19, FY 18 Stats, FY19 Proposed Tip Fee Estimate, Workshop Staff Report, February Agenda, February Calendar, February Graphs)

January 2018 (December Minutes, January Graphs, FY-18 Stats, January Agenda, January Calendar, Staff Report, Jim Wolfs ISWR Audited County 2010-2017,)

December 2017 (October Minutes, FY-18 Stats, Financial Graphs, December Calendar, December Agenda)

November 2017 (Staff Report, October Digital Map, November Calendar) Board meeting cancelled. 

October 2017 (September MInutes, October Calendar, Agenda, Stats, Digital Map)

September 2017 (September Calendar, Staff Report, Tonnage-Environ Study, Financial stats, Fiscal Year 2017 with NO clean fill, Agenda, August Minutes)

August 2017 (Agenda, July minutes,August calendar, Financial graphs,Financial stats, Eclipse Schedule, Digital map

 July 2017  (Agenda, June minutes, July calendar, July staff report, Fund 30 Budget,Fund 34 Budget,Financial graphs, Financial stats,Digital map)  

 June 2017 (Agenda, May minutes, June calendar, Financial summary, Financial graphs, Financial stats, Digital map

 May 2017 (Agenda, April minutes, May calendar,May staff report, Financial graphs,Financial stats, Digital map

 April 2017 (Agenda, February minutes, Organics material cost analysis attachment, April calendar, Treasurer’s Report, financial graphs, financial stats, Digital map

 March 2017- Staff provided the following documents in lieu of a March meeting (Staff Report, FY17 Stats for March, graphs, proposed tip fees, FY18 Expense Budget Fund 30, FY18 Revenue Budget Fund 30, FY18 Capital Budget)

 February 2017 (Agenda, January minutes, February calendar, financial graphs,financial stats, proposed tip fees for FY2018, Digital Map

 January 2017 (Agenda, December minutes, January calendar, Staff report, financial graphs, financial stats, budget narrative, FY16 audited financials, Digital Map) Additional information and presentations related to waste to energy technology BioPac’r Brochure, Waste to Energy Presentation - Ken Small, Questions to Ask When Evaluating WTE - Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

 December 2016 (Agenda, November minutes, December calendar, financial graphs,financial stats, Waste To Energy presentation)