Selling Your Affordable or Employment Based Home

Affordable and Employment-based home sales are facilitated by the Housing Department and are sold through a Weighted Drawing Process. It takes approximately three months to sell a home unless a buyer cannot be found through the Weighted Drawing Process (rare).

Step 1 - Letter of Intent to Sell

Submit a Letter of Intent to Sell - Affordable or Employment Based to the Housing Department. The Housing Department will email you to  set up a meeting for the next step. You will also receive a Property Disclosure form to complete and submit to the Housing Department. Depending on the Restrictions, the Housing Department may need to do a  preliminary inspection at this point.

Step 2 - Housing Department & Seller Meeting

Meet with the Housing Department to sign a facilitation agreement. If you have any pre-approved improvements that you have made to your home, you may be able to receive some credit at the time of sale. Bring the receipts to this meeting along with the completed Property Disclosure Form.

This meeting will need to be scheduled no later than a Friday at 2pm in order to start the Weighted Drawing Process the following Wednesday.

Step 3 - Third Party Inspection

The Housing Department will hire a third party inspector to do an inspection on your home. You will receive a copy of the Inspection Report with a list of items (if any) that will need to be completed, repaired, or replaced before the final inspection.

Step 4 - Weighted Drawing Process

The Weighted Drawing entry period begins on a Wednesday and will run for two weeks, ending at 4pm on a Tuesday. The Housing Department normally receives the Weighted Drawing Results (drawn by an external law firm) by the following Monday after all entried have been submitted.

The first household chosen in the drawing will be notified immediately.

Step 5 - Finding a Buyer

The household chosen first will have seven days to see the home and submit a complete application. As the seller, you will be expected to show the home during this seven day period. If the household chosen first decides not to go through with the purchase, the Housing Department will notify the second household, and they will also be given seven days and so on until a buyer is found.

Typically, the first household chosen will purchase the home. If the household selected first in the weighted drawing process declines to purchase the home, the Housing Department will contact the 2nd household on the list, and so-on, until a buyer is found. 

In the event all of the households that entered the Weighted Drawing are not qualified or choose not to move forward, the seller can choose to move to "First Come First Served" and/or potentially lower their asking price. "First Come First Served" means that any household who qualifies can purchase the home if they are the first to submit an application.

Step 6 - Going Under Contract

It can take up to a week for the Housing Department to qualify the buyer. Once they are qualified, they will have seven days to review the contract and sign it. Once it is signed by the buyer, the seller receives it and signs it. The closing will be held on or before 50 days from the date that the seller signs the contract. This provides some flexibility with the closing date while still allowing time for inspections, an appraisal, and financing to be in place.

Step 7 - Final Inspection

The sellers are required to be moved out of the home three business days before closing. The home must be deep cleaned and ready for the new owner with all inspection items completed. Please view the Housing Department’s Expectations at Final Inspection

A home is the biggest purchase most families make. It is standard real estate practice for the Seller to present a professionally cleaned home to the new owners at closing. To ensure that homes in the community’s Affordable Housing Program are well maintained for use by many generations, it is the responsibility of the Housing Department to confirm at closing that the home is adequately maintained, professionally cleaned, and respectfully presented to the new owners.

If the Housing Department finds items that were on the Inspection Report that were not completed or cleaning that was not done, you may be charged at closing and a credit given to the buyers. Also, if the Housing Department is required to make a second trip for the final inspection, a $50 fee will be charged to you.

Step 8 - Closing

Your closing will take place at the Title Company who provided the Title Commitment for Title Insurance that was called out in your contract. 

The Housing Department will make arrangements for you to transfer the keys and any garage door openers and warranty information for your home to the new owners. Possession of the home by the new owners takes place on the day of closing once the papers are signed, money is transferred, and documents are recorded.