Health Facility Inspection Reports

Regulation is accomplished through routine inspections of licensed facilities. The purpose of the inspections is to verify that establishments are following code requirements. This is both in the physical facility and processes and procedures. Inspectors observe practices, check to make sure that equipment is working properly, and check any available and applicable paperwork and records.

Viewing Inspection Reports

The Teton County Health Department Facility Inspection Reports website is part of Teton County Health Department's commitment to providing useful public information in a manner that is convenient to our citizens and visitors. Included in this website are routine and follow-up inspections starting January 1st, 2015. To see older inspections please visit our office at 460 East Pearl Avenue. If you have questions about our programs or this website please contact us at 307-732-8490. We hope that you will find this information helpful and easy to use.


Any problem that is found is written up as a violation and the manager is taught the correct procedure or method to fix the violation. There are two types of violations recorded on the inspection report:

  • "Critical violations," when not done properly, are most likely to lead illnesses or injury.
  • "Non-critical violations" are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are less likely to be the cause of illness or injury.

Whenever possible, violations found during the inspection are corrected immediately. Most critical items found during the inspection must be corrected immediately. If a critical violation cannot be corrected immediately, establishments are given ten days to correct the problem. In order to verify that the violation has been corrected, follow-up inspection(s) are completed by the department.