Where to Recycle

Type of Plastic
Where to Recycle
Black Trash Bags
Bubble Wrap Recycle With Grocery Bags
Buckets/Tubs Trash
Plastic Bottles Number 1 Recycle
Plastic Bottles Number 2 Recycle
Plastic Food Containers Number 1
Plastic Number 3 through 7 Trash
Plastic Food Wrap Recycle With Grocery Bags
Plastic Packaging Recycle With Grocery Bags
Sandwich Bags Recycle With Grocery Bags
Styrofoam Trash

Recycling Plastic Wrap/Film

If you are able to stretch the plastic with your finger then you are able to recycle it with the grocery bags.

All these materials should be placed in the bin marked plastic grocery bags and not with the plastic bottles.

Please contain and combine these materials into plastic bags - doing so will help us to bale this material, as well as make it much less likely for these materials to "escape" into the environment.

Recycle clean, dry plastic bags and plastic wrap poster