Teton County IT Help Desk

Internal Staff Help

For internal staff help, access the county help desk ticket system via the link on your desktop. Alternatively you may email the IT help desk or call 307-732-5765.

The help desk ticket system is a place where you can:

  • Create a New Incident
  • Create a New Change Request
  • Search for Solutions
  • Change Your User Details
  • View Reports on the Status of Your Previously Submitted Incident Tickets

Be sure to always provide as much detail as possible when reporting an issue, so that the IT support staff may provide the quickest and best assistance possible. We are excited about this new improvement on how support is handled. And we are confident that this system will improve your experience when requesting help from your IT support staff.

Search for Solutions Section

This section will grow quickly as incident histories and reports are created by IT staff. As this section grows, you will be able to search this ‘knowledge base’ for answers to commonly asked questions and incident reports - allow improved self-help.

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